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Pet Name Tag day duration. By Aletai Jan 31, MapleStory. Mechanical Hearts Returns: January Jan 30, Read More. Jan 31, Read More. She loves people, and travels well , owing to her compact size. She is not pushy or temperamental, and does not make unreasonable demands. She can be mistaken for stubborn after being given a command she fails to execute, but in truth is more interested in her reward: she'll do your bidding if the prize is attractive enough. Emphatically yes, but especially with older children. The Westie generally gets along well with dogs she encounters in public the exception to this is an encounter between an intact male Westie and another intact male dog.

She coexists happily with other family dogs, and can learn to tolerate the family cat, although she may give chase on occasion. But because of her hunting heritage, she will prey upon other small household animals who run free, for example, rabbits or gerbils. Indoor The West Highland White Terrier is an indoor dog through and through, but adaptable to city or country life. She makes a good apartment dweller if she has opportunities for regular walks, and if you train her to be quiet.

The Westie makes an excellent first dog for the novice owner.

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Outdoor While Westies should never be asked to live outside, they enjoy playtime outdoors, and in fact, often transform into high-energy sizzlers in the backyard or at the dog park. Give your Westie ample opportunities to play fast-paced games with you outside. Exercise A Westie can most likely enjoy life as a couch potato although not as your lap dog , but also enjoys an energetic play session with a squeaky toy as much as the next dog; she'll put on a show complete with silly antics that prove entertaining for anybody watching.

Westies do not require as much exercise as a large breed, a Lab, for example, but your Westie will enjoy one or two daily walks, and even a quick game of fetch with a toy tossed down a long hallway can satisfy her fairly minimal requirements for exercise. Endurance While she's not celebrated for her longevity in the field like a sporting breed, the Westie has energy in spades and will chase balls inside or out and engage in other types of play for hours. Food Most West Highland White Terriers thrive on about a cup of high-quality dry kibble daily, give or take, divided into two meals. But how much an individual Westie needs depends on her size, age, build, metabolism, and activity level.

Consult your vet for help fine-tuning your Westie's diet. Alone Time The Westie is first and foremost a companion animal. Because of her distinctive look, the best grooming strategy is to take your Westie to a professional groomer about every four to six weeks. Her coat sheds only seasonally, but requires daily brushing and combing. Westies have a naturally dry coat, so avoid over-bathing; your affable Westie will enjoy the attention and will most likely find bathing and grooming pleasurable.

Brush your Westie's teeth a couple of times a week to reduce tartar buildup, and trim her fast-growing nails regularly. Check her ears routinely for redness or odor that indicates an infection; wipe them out with a cotton ball dampened with a gentle ear cleaner. This sturdy breed is generally healthy, but the following issues can occur in a Westie:. You can minimize serious health concerns in a West Highland White Terrier by purchasing her from a reputable breeder who engages in responsible breeding practices, and through screening for common diseases and conditions.

Ask your Westie breeder for health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals OFA for hip dysplasia with a score of fair or better , elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand's disease; from Auburn University for thrombopathia; and from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation CERF to certify that her eyes are normal. Confirm her health clearances on the OFA website offa. Because of her history as a ratter, the Westie has an independent streak that can make her seem difficult to train. But she is intelligent, a quick study, and responds well to basic obedience training with plenty of positive reinforcement and consistent expectations.

Many Westies do well with 'clicker'-style training, with generous reward-based reinforcement. And because she prefers to be clean, the Westie is also fairly easy to house train. Westies can undertake training as therapy dogs, and also excel in tracking, flyball, agility, and obedience competitions. West Highland White Terriers perform exceptionally well on Earthdog tests, hunting vermin and quarry in underground dens.

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It's true: the West Highland White Terrier is built to burrow, with her bullet-shaped body and thinner, heart-shaped thorax. But she's not one to give up when her prey flees into an ever-tighter tunnel, which can get her into trouble. The Westie's ears, in particular, are covered in sensitive, pink skin. If you're headed on an outdoor adventure with your Westie in the sunshine, apply sunscreen first.

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Westies Possess a Loud Bark for a Purpose. It might drive you crazy to shush your Westie every time she alerts you to a twitching leaf on the lawn, but she comes by it honestly: that big bark was bred into her so she could alert her human handler to the presence of prey; it was also a handy tool to let the person know she got stuck in the hole going after the prey.

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